Nail Polish Remover Kit

Gel nail removal kit has optional various sets. Besides, recycling, cost saving, and high cost performance. The pressure bottle is specially designed the outlet for pressing, which is convenient and hygienic. Buy a gel nail polish remover kit, save worry collocation. We sell empty bottles, cotton pads, nail file, steel pusher, dead skin clippers, not nail polish remover,alcohol cotton pads, etc. The pressure bottle has a variety of specifications to choose, the cotton pads can also choose the quantity and packaging, and accept OEM.

Operation steps:

  1. 1.Pour nail polish remover on the cotton pad.

  2. 2.Wrap the nail with the cotton pad.

  3. 3.Use the nail remover clip to hold the nail.

  4. 4.Wit for 5-10 mins and then remove the gel polish with a steel push.

  5. 5.Finally, clean the nail.

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